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Management Consulting


World-class resources will help your organization to enhance Competitiveness and increase revenues. We conduct a critical analysis of your existing business plan and strategic direction for the current and coming years. We provide a report consisting of practical improvisations to redefine your company performance.

Unlike normal consulting firms, we do not stop at that point. We also provide solutions for the identified gaps using our global network comprising of Investors, Sales Teams, Innovative Partners and Low Cost Manufacturers to help you get the most out of everything.

We specially help technology Start-ups and Small companies to turn their business ideas into reality. Most start-ups lack the funds and resources to unleash their true potential. We not only provide them an advice on how to roll out their innovation but also arrange all the stakeholders of the value chain to ensure the idea becomes a viable business all the way till M&A or IPO.

Specific services include:

·         Strategy and business plan evaluation Package

·         Solution package including recommendations to eliminate the Problematic areas.

·         Special package for Start-ups.

·         Implementation package (via other businesses and our partners) including:

o    Investment Strategy

o    Global Sales and Marketing

o    Establishing a distribution network for products.

o    Low-cost manufacturing

o    A 24/7 offshore R&D center that is extremely competitive ensuring reduction in R&D budgets and has a pool of highly skilled software and hardware engineers

o    A diverse talent pool of capable engineers, not just in IT, but also in other sectors