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Offshore R&D Centre


Rapid changes in technology make it imperative for technology companies to keep pace with the latest developments worldwide, and to develop new applications with the aim of enabling clients to improve their business. Additionally growing competition as new technologies pave their way into daily lives, cost pressures and reduction of budgets are the name of the game. At HKD Consulting, finding newer and better ways of delivering value to our customers is a way of life. HKD has a state of art R&D center in Pakistan through which it cater for all its IT Software and Hardware needs. We offer the R&D Center also for Large companies interested to solve the challenges of R&D time & Cost and we help innovative Start-ups with their technology road map by consulting and implementing enhancements to their product as well as reducing their initial investments.

Using our HKD R&D centre gives you the following benefits:

Operates 24/7 ensuring reduction in R&D times and flexibility.
Extremely Competitive ensuring reduction in R&D budgets
Diverse and Highly Skilled Software and Hardware Engineers
Guaranteed availability of skilled resources.
Cloud Hosting

Please visit our R&D Centre company website, click here.

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