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Smart Drive - XGear

HKD Consulting has strategic sales partnership with XGear , an innovative company that has developed the next generation connected car cloud platform based on cellular GSM connectivity and data aggregation platform. XGear unlocks your single vehicle's or multiple vehicle fleet potential and gives you the following advantages.


Security               GPS Tracking, Monitoring of brake health, Tyre pressure, Alarming

Safety                   Safe driving, online engine monitoring, Predictive analysis

Convenience          Fleet monitoring, Generation of automatic reports

                                             Economy         Reduced fuel, Reduced wear and tear, Fast ROI

                                                  Efficiency                Better driving via driving score

                                                        Green Impact    Reduction of carbon emissions

XGear works in all vehicle's manufactured since 1996 in USA and 2001 in EU. Simply plug in XGear Device into your car and register to get a subscription and you are ready to go. XGear opens countless possibilities for Safer DrivingBehavior MonitoringTimely Car MaintenanceFuel Efficiency, Route optimization and Predictive Analysis.  It helps you become an informed and empowered driver so that you can make smart decisions to keep your car healthy, safe and in peak conditions in all times.


 XGear for Enterprise (B2B)


XGear for End Consumers (B2C)



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